demo licence for array visualizer

demo licence for array visualizer


I just downloaded and installed the array visualizer from the Intel f90 evaluation package.

When I try to add the avGraphCtl activex component to a VB form I get the message

'licence information for this component not found. You do not have the appropriate licence to use this functionality in the design environment.'

How can I go about evaluating it?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Phil,

It maybe that AV is not checking time-limited licenses correctly. When you run Array Viewer and bring up the about box does it say: "Array Visualizer Developer" or "Array Visualizer Runtime"? Did you install the Fortran compiler in addition to Array Visualizer?

Also, see if you can open andbuild one of the VB samples (/Samples/VBNet or /Sample/VB6). I'm not sure, but I think just building and running the sample doesn't require a license check (It's only checked when you actually drop the control on the form.)

I only installed the array visualizer as this is what I need to evaluate - I already have Compaq VF.

The array viewer is the Runtime version.

There are no help files - the directory you specified does not exist. All there is is Array Visualizer/Samples/Data directory.

Any further clues?

It sounds like you installed the Array Visualizer download kit (i.e. from not the evaluation versionof Intel Visual Fortran from Is that the case?

The Array Visualizer download kit does not include sample programs or the license files that allow you to create new applications using the AV ActiveX controls.

No - I definately installed the visual fortran evaluation.

What's the name of the setup package you downloaded? w_fc_p_9.0.018.exe?

I tried installing this on a clean system. I first selected "Array Visualizer" from the setup screen. After installing AV, I see the AVsample programsat: C:Program FilesIntelArray VisualizerSamples. If I run Array Viewer the About Box says "Array Visualizer Runtime". So the license checking seems to require some component that is only available when the actual compiler is installed. If I then install the compiler, the Viewer About Box now says: "Array Visualizer Developer".

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