Portrability AV programs

Portrability AV programs


I use Array Visualizer and want my AV-programs be ablerun on another computer without installing AV trough "Setup.exe" and aditional licending requirements. What files I should port with my application? What are ways there to do this and waht their Adv/Disadv?

Thanks for any answers.

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Hi Stanislav,

For your AV program to run on another computer you need to have any dependent dlls, ocxs, or exe's copied to the computer and registered. Doing this by hand is rather tedious and error-prone so we've created a download kit that includes all the AV runtime components. The download kit is free and doesn't have any additionallicense requirements. But you will need to run the download kit setup program for each computer you will run your program on.

The download kit is availablefrom the AV web page: http://www.intel.com/software/products/compilers/visualizer.htmin the download section.

If you'd rather install the AV runtime files by hand there's a list of redistributable files in the file fredist.txt (credist.txt for the C++ compiler) in thecompiler Doc directory. Take a look at the file AV/bin/regall.bat to see what the registration steps are.

I'd recommend going with the download kit approach unless it is really important for you to have a self-contained application.

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Thank you, I've downloaded.

But what difference between ActiveX components and Object Model? Is in my Form I can use only ActiveX but Objecvt Model in Array Viewer exemplar? What use better?

Well, it not really a question of better...

The Object Model is implemented by the core AV library: AvLib.dll. The object model contains components for datasets, attributes, plots, and other objects that can be used to define a graph. The object model by itself doesn't provide any functionality for actually displaying a graph in a window.

The AV ActiveX controls are a set of "widgets" that can be used for displaying a 2D or 3D graph, displaying a dataset or attribute in a grid, or displaying a hierarchy of AV objects in a tree. The ActiveX controls use the object model, so if your project uses the controls, it will need theAvLib.dllin addition to the ocx file.

The Array Viewer is an application that uses the AV controls as well as the object model. The Viewer also has a programmatic interface so it can be "driven" by another application.

In addition there are two static libraries AvFRT and AvCRT that provide a high-level, language-specific APIs for Fortran a C respectively.

The low-level interfaces (controls, object model) or more complex to use, but provide more opportunities for customization. The high-level APIs (AvFRT/AvCRT) are easy to use and probably the best place to start.

Take a look at some of the samples and you can see the pros&cons of these different approaches. For Fortran, AV/Samples/Fortran/Simple uses the AvFRt library, while AV/Samples/Fortran/Sine2D uses the object model w/ Array Viewer, and Av/Samples/Fortran/Sine2DWin32 uses the object model w/ the AvGraph control.

By the way, the download kit doesn't include any program samples or libraries for application development. You'll need Intel Visual Fortran or Intel C++ (there is a free evaluation through).

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