Create a XYPlot Log Chart

Create a XYPlot Log Chart


I have been experimenting with creating a log graph of data using the array viewer.

I have been unsuccessfull to this point (Many hours) wouldyou please provide some sample file that I can use tocreate a log file.

Example (log of Y axis)

Y axis tics ( 1 10 100 1000)
X axis tics ( 16, 32, 64 ,128)
Data ( 24, 85, 240, 800)



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Hi Collin,

Take a look at the attached file. Is that about what you want?

I admit this is non-trivial -- I had to tweak the graph settings to get it to come out right. I'llwork onupdating the graph creation wizard to handle log-plots. Currently there areLog radio-buttons in the "Add XYPlot" wizard, but they don't do anything.

I think there's some problem with the forum truncating attachments.
Let me try again...

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