C Library, Many Plots, Single Graph

C Library, Many Plots, Single Graph


I have a small benchmark program that produces some results. I would like to directly print these results to a raster image format. The imagesave example in the samplesc directory is easy to understand and straight forward to use. However my problem requires multipleplots (as per example, many sin waves) on a single graph. I am using the C libarary routines.


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Hi Collin,

Creating a non-standard graph is a bit of a pain from C, so probably the best approach is to use a "template file". A template file is just an xml file that defines the graph(s), but doesn't contain any data itself. This way you don't need to go through all the tedium of creating the graph programatically.

This is what is done in the sample: AV/C/Bessel. The file "template.xml" is loaded via thefunction avLoadTemplate(). Try building and running the sample. Is this the type of graph you are looking for?

I've attached a modified version of Bessel.c that creates an image file.Basically it just calls avSaveImage() instead of avNewViewer(). Try the modified program and let me know if that works for you.

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