Welcome to the Array Visualizer forum!

Welcome to the Array Visualizer forum!

If you're a user of the Intel Array Visualizer you've come to right place! The Array Visualizer (AV) is a graphics/plotting tool thatis included with Intel Visual Fortran and Intel C++. Previously AV questions had been handled in the Visual Fortran forum, but since AV includes support for Fortran, C, and other languages (VB, C#), we thought it best to have a separate forum devoted to AV.

The purpose of this forum is exchange questions and answers, product ideas, compliments and complaints about AV. If you are a user of Compaq Array Visualizer, you are also welcomed to post here (though I'll probably make a pitch that you would be better off moving to Intel Array Visualizer).

If you are not currently a Intel C++/Intel Visual Fortran user you can learn more about the product and geta free download of the Intel Array Viewer application at: http://www.intel.com/software/products/compilers/visualizer.htm.

These discussions are not intended to be a substitute for tech support. If you encounter a bug in the product, please contact Intel Premier support so that the issue can be properly tracked. This forum is the correct venue for asking "how to" questions as well as concerns about functionality, usability, performance, or even questions about scientific visualization and data formats in general.

Contributors to this forum from Intel include AV developers, documentation writers, and product support.

Welcome aboard!

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