Memory leakage in Array Viewer 3.2.016

Memory leakage in Array Viewer 3.2.016

When doing large array tensely, I find it will leakage memory.

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I too have been experiencing anArray Visualizer ever increasing memory consumption problem. This is either due to memory leakage or due to non-sympathetic (or non-functioning) garbage collection.

My application uses the Array Visualizer to display current state information of a simulation program in graphic form. At start of the ArrayVisualizer memory consumption is about 50MB for each Array Visualizer window open. During run time about every 6 seconds or so (tunable) the application refreshes the data into the Array Visualizer. Nothing new is added to the table structure only the data is updated. As the simulator runs and issues updates memory is consumed. Sometimes a few 100K sometimes a few MB. Over a period oftime the entire pool of virual memory is consumed. When it hits about 2.4GB the system maxes out and things go goofy. Luckily I can close the Array Visualizer windows which reclaims the memory and the system recussitates itself without interrupting the current simulation run.After a few minutes the page file is reclaimed and then I can open a new set of Array Visualizer windows.

The hack work around I used was to add a button to the dialog box that controls my simulator. The button instructs the application to open a new ArrayVisualizer window. Prior to pushing this button I close the current over bloated ArrayVisualizer session(s). After adding this feature to resolve the memory loss problemI was pleasantly surprised tofind that I could also use this feature to open multiple ArrayVisualizer windows to the same data tables. Now I can have multiple views as well as be able to look at data tables simulteanously with graphical data.

I posted an issue on this quite a while ago.

BTW in the time it took me to write this message I had two Array Visualizer processes grow from ~50MB each to ~150MB each. I kind of sucks to have to babysit the running of a simulation that could otherwise run unattended for a few days.

p.s. excuse any spelling errors, when I click on check spelling in the forum posting applett it seams to trash my post.

I think the Array Visualizer is great. I am very pleased with what it has done for my simulation runs.

Jim Dempsey

Would it be possible for you to submit (through Premier Support) a test case that illustrates the memory leak?

The Array Visualizer sample: samples/Fortran/Update does a continuous loop of updating the Viewer. If I run this I don't see any increasing memory usage of the program or Array Viewer. Could you run this as well and let me know if you see anything different?


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