Array Visualizer is not working

Array Visualizer is not working

I'm using Intel Visual Fortran with Microsoft Visual Studio .net. In the middle of debugging process, I select an array and right click to select array visualizer. The array visualizer window opens, but the window is empty, and there is nothing I can do/change in that window. Do I have to set it up in certain way before I use? Or what's the best way to check the values of array in debugger? (as watch/locals don't work for array...)


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Watch and locals do work for arrays. I would guess that something is not installed correctly. I suggest you download and install the latest version from Intel Premier Support, uninstalling the old one first. If you need more help, contact Premier Support.

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Uhmm... latest vesrion of what?

I think Steve means the latest version of Intel Visual Fortran.

Are you able to open and view files with the Intel Array Viewer? If not, it's probably an install issue or problem with the graphics drivers on your system. In either case, please contact Premier Support so we can track down the source of the problem.

There is a know limitation that certain array types aren't supported: Real*16, Integer*8, pointer-based arrays, derived type arrays, etc.

Watch/locals should always work, but they won't show all the values for a large array (plus you don't get the cool graphical view!).


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