Array Visualizer Dataset.WriteData() method with C++ strings

Array Visualizer Dataset.WriteData() method with C++ strings

Has anyone used C++ to pass an array of strings to the Array Visualizer WriteData() method? I have a C++ function that does this correctly with other COM servers, but not AV so much appreciated if anyone has a c++ snippet or description of success with this.


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Most C++ clients will likely just get a pointer to the dataset memory and do a write. WriteData is designed for scripting clients (e.g. JavaScript) who don't have direct memory access, but of course anything you can in script you can do in C++ (just more verbosely).

I've attached a C++ program that uses WriteData.


Would there be array visualizer example programs (C/C++) available that are more than what shipped with version 8.0?

No, not really, though I think thereweresome additions for the 8.1 kit. Samples in Samples/C directory use just the avcrt library. While samples under Samples/ATL use the ATL library and the AV object model. Samples/ATL also includes a sampel File Loader plug-in.

It would be great to have more sample programs, but it's hard to find the time to work on them. Is there a particular feature or technique you are curious about?

It's not exactly C++, but take a look at the JavaScript samples. Most JavaScript sample should translate to a C++ program in a fairly straight-forward way. One thing I like about JavaScript, is that all the COM boilerplate code you need for C++ doesn't get in the way of what you are trying to illustrate.


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