Saving Images & Data from Array Viewer

Saving Images & Data from Array Viewer

Array Viewer allows you to import numerous image file formats, (e.g. jpg, gif, bmp). It is desirable to be able to export images. (Both those that are imported and created internally). Currently the image can only be saved as an embedded object within an HDF or XML file. From the Array Viewer UI it would be desirable to right-click on the image object and then select something like, "Export As" and choose image an image file format.

Also, it would be desirable to export data objects in a similar manner as above. For example, right-click on a data object then select "Export As" and select from things like ASCII, or Excel.

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There's currently a script file (CreateImage.vbs) that can be used to export images from the command line. I agree that a way to create images from the Viewer UI would be highly desirable.

For exporting data, what I'd like to do is support copy&paste in the AvGrid control. In the Compaq Array Visualizer you could highlight a region of cells and copy the text to the clipboard. For some reason, we never got around to supporting this in the Intel product. This functionality would also be useful for importing data from other sources. It doesn't really work for cases where the dataset is of rank 3 or higher, but is very handy for 1D or 2D datasets.


Thank you for the tip on CreateImage.vbs. If we can also load multiple image files into a single AV instance that would give us a lot more image processing opportunities in our application. I have attached a VBS script which loads a single file, (of any supported type), but when it attempts to load files 2-N it overwrites the previous load. Is it possible to use the AvFileLoader in an append and not overwrite mode.

Cut/Copy/Paste in the grid control would be useful. Our application is limited primarily to 1 & 2 D data so that limitation would not be much of an issue.


There's a way to load multiple images, but it requires some AV 3.1 features.
I'll post an update here once IVF 8.1 is out.


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