Array Visualizer

Array Visualizer

Can someone tell me, is the array size limit for the Array Visualizer just limited by the size of your memory (up to 2 GB of course)?

Also, what are the plans for an Array Visualizer in the Intel environment?



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As far as I know, AV has no internal limits. But if it has to make a copy of your data, that could put a crimp in things. John Readey will probably chime in here when he gets a chance.

Intel Visual Fortran includes the new Intel Array Visualizer, which is a revised and expanded version of what was available with CVF. Unlike with CVF, where AV was only in the Pro edition, it's in the Standard Edition for Intel.

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In Fortran when you call avStartWatch, the AV library makes a copy of the array in shared memory (so that Array Viewer can access it). This will of course double the memory requirements. Other than that there's no memory size limit.

In the IVF 8.1 release, we're bringing back the array_visualizer attribute for allocatable arrays. When you use that attribute, allocate will use a shared memory region for the memory, and avStartWatch will not need to make the copy. This makes updates much faster too.

Current our plans for Array Visualizer is to continue incremental improvements and support additional platforms as resources permit. Are there any specific features you are looking for?


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"Are there any specific features you are looking for?"

Sure, here's a few.

1. The z-axis in surface plots (3D) should support log scaling. This was a feature that AV for CVF (an otherwise superlative of excellent product) lacked, :-(. Please, pretty please.
2. The marker, or have I just misplaced it?
3. Quiver plots, sccaarryy ...

Gerry T.

PS Good of you to ask. More to follow.


Thanks for the inputs.

There is a marker capability (for instance when you use the AV toolwindow in the debugger you'll see a marker), but we haven't made it very accessible from the Array Viewer program. I'll see what we can do in the upcoming release.



No functions in particular, we were just considering using AV to check the input array to a very large LP problem and I wondered if we might run into memory constraints.


Sounds interesting! Let me know how it goes. I'd like to hear about any problems that came up with using very large datasets in AV.


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