Windows applictions with IVF8.0 and Intel Array Visualizer

Windows applictions with IVF8.0 and Intel Array Visualizer

Can anyone show me a simple example to add Intel Array Visualizer ActiveX to a dialog with Intel Fortran 8.0 and draw a simple plot in this ActiveX controls?

thanks in advance.

Xianyao Chen

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Using the AvGraph control in a Fortran Win32 application will require some additional routines to be added to the Av Fortran library. This is planned for the next release of Intel Visual Fortran (I'll also work on adding some samples for this usage as well).

Till then, you can use the Array Viewer to display your graphs, or use VB, C#, or C++ for your user interface and call into a Fortran dll for the compational part of your program.


This would be excellent and would presumably also apply to AvGLGraph.ocx companion controls, viz, AvGLGrid, -List, -Tree, and -Html.

I look forward to being able to do this from Fortran.

Gerry T.

I'll see what I can do.

In the next release ofIVF,Fortran should be an equal citizen to C++ with regards to AV functionality, i.e. every object method and property in the AV object model can be accessed via Fortran code.


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