Compaq Array Visualiser

Compaq Array Visualiser

Hello all
This is a basic question
1) How is it possible to call CAV (Compaq Array Visualiser) from a fortran program
2) if i write a code that uses CAV, the corresponding *.exe, will it run on every computer and perform graphics. What I mean is that, does the CAV needs to be installed on every computer that runs the program and if not what is the way to link it with my code?

Thank you in advance


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To call CAV from Fortran you can use the fagl and fav routines. For example,

call faglShow(myArray, status)

will display myArray in the Array Viewer. See the Array Visualizer documentation and the sample programs in /Samples/Fortran for more information.

As far as distributing your program, the easiest thing to do is to have the other computers install the AV Demo kit which is available at:

There is more information on redistribution in the Array Visualizer documentation in the Getting Started topic.

Hope this helps!


Whatever you do, do NOT install the demo on any pc with CVF. As of a few months ago, it's DLLs had a lower version than the CAV which is included in the CVF 6.6b, and in order to ge that version back you have to re-install CVF starting from v6.5. This caused problems in MSdev for me for months and many reinstallations.

The docs on the CAV are rather poor. In particular it seems to refer to a few different products all in one: FAV, FAGL and maybe something else. I wanted to know what all these things are and what differences there are between them. the Docs could not even tell me the basic stuff.

So I stupidy installed the CAVdemo so that I can see if the demo (usually being a pre sales device) can tell me what things there are that CAV does but no dice!


Not installing the demo on any pc with CVF is a good point that I should have mentioned.

Tim, have you looked at the docs for Intel Array Visualizer? If so, do you feel it's an improvement? Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Other than the docs that are also several Compaq Fortran newsletters articles about AV that can provide some useful background. Once the Intel Fortran newsletter starts up I'll try to find some time to write something about the Intel AV product.


I do have a copy of IF but have not looked at it.
I was not even sure if AV is included in that version that I have from about 5 months ago.

Is it true that the AV lib and the docs on the IF cd are the SAME as that in CVF6.6b?
If so I will surely read the doc in IF (and comment).


No, it's not true. The "Intel" implementation is quite different.


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