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tick labels


I'm using CVF 6.6b and CAV as activeX. If one of the values are bigger than 1000 the viewer displays it like this:

350 --> 3.50e+002
700 --> 7.00e+002
1050 --> 1.05e+002

How can I change the tick label of the array visualizer, that it shows 350, 700 and 1050 and not the other representation of the values?


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Sorry, but there are no properties that control how the axis values are formatted in CAV.

With the Intel Array Visualizer, each Axis object contains a Format object which can be used to specify how values are displayed.



how difficult is it to adapt the source for the Intel Array Visualizer? It isn't 100% compatible, is it?

How much would it be, to buy the Intel Array Visualizer and Intel Fortran Compiler?

Thank you,
Tobias Werth

John will need to be the one to comment on the programming aspect, but yes, it is different.

Intel Array Visualizer isn't sold separately - it's part of Intel Fortran for Windows which is $499.


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The products aren't source compatible, but for Console programs that use the fagl/fav routines it shouldn't be hard to update the code to use Intel AV. In your case it is a little more problematic since Intel Fortran v7.1 does not support creating Win32 applications w/ ActiveX controls. You might want to wait till v8.0 comes out later this year before switching over.

There is a free evaluation download of v7.1 if you want to check out the new Array Visualizer product though.


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