Can Compaq Array Visualizer draw this special 2D plot?

Can Compaq Array Visualizer draw this special 2D plot?

Can Compaq AV draw a particular 2D plot which is called Three-component phase diagram in physical chemistry and which looks like a equilateral triangle (please see attached jpg).

then john gave me a clue:
With respect to the posted jpg, Intel AV should be able to draw the plot (though the triangular grid will need to be rendered as an image).


However, I just has Compaq Array Visualizer in hand, and can not find this topic in Online Documentation.

Can Compaq Array Visualizer do the job? and would u please tell me where to find the document about drawing this particular plot?
If u like, I will describe the meaning of this 2D plot for u.
Thanks in advance

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Sorry, the Compaq Array Visualizer won't be able to draw the plot you need.

Over the years we've gotten a lot of requests for various plot types to be added to CAV, but the design of the program made it hard to include new plots. The Intel AV's architecture is much better in this regard, which will enable us to be more responsive in including user suggestions into the product.


Can Intel Array Visualizer cooperate with CVF 6.6?

Do you think that matlab can do this job? (I want ur suggestion)

thanks john

Yes, you can use IAV with CVF 6.6.

Don't know about matlab...


Can I get detail of the triangular grid in IAV's OnLine Documentation?

As I indicated earlier, there's no triangular grid object in IAV. Instead you can create an image of the triangular grid and create a graph that displays the image and an XYPlot to create the effect you want.


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