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How can I tell AV to open its Window always at a special place of the screen, e.g. the upper left corner, and in a special size, i.e. a quarter screen ?

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The Compaq Array Visualizer doesn't offet this functionality.

The Array Viewer interface in the Intel Array Visualizer has properties for the window size, but not the position. I'll look into adding properties for the position in a future release.

For now one work-around would be to use Win32 to get the HWND of the Array Viewer window (e.g. FindWindow) and SetWindowPlacement to set the window size and position.


Thanks for the answer. I have try it, but without success. Therefore I must my problem make more precise : In my Fortran-Program I calculate several result-curves and display them for better understanding with help of the AV on the screen. Problem is, that AV-Windows are scattered over the screen and covered the I/O-Window of the main-program. Therefore it would be helpful, that the Fortran-program tells the AV-viewer, where to open the window(s). Because I'm not so fit in programming with Win32 routines, you could make my problem easier,if you give me an example, how to solve my problem. Would you be so kind ?

I'm far from being an expert in this area, but couldn't you put the AV control in a dialog box that you could then place wherever you wanted?


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Could you elaborate more on the FindWindow/SetWindowPlacement commands, perhaps with an example. I've been trying with no success to maximize AV using SetWindowPlacement with the "hv" argument retured from FavStartViewer.
Also, I don't fully understand the FindWindow arguments.

Take a look the attached code. I've added a SetAvWindow routine to the Simple.f90 sample. The routine goes through all the top-level windows on the system looking for a window that contains the title bar string: "Compaq Array Viewer". You can also pass a second matching string to the routine to distinguish between multiple instances of the viewer.

How does this work for everyone?


It seems a little inefficient, searching through all opened windows, but it works.

In the meantime I've tried it too. The modul does exactly that, what I've searched.
1000... thanks

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