How to use Array Visualizer as component

How to use Array Visualizer as component

Does anyone know of any samples on using the Array Visualizer as part of a distributable application?

Does the recipient need to have a separate license for the array visualizer?


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No separate run-time license is required. The user would install the Array Viewer demo/redistributables kit to get the necessary DLLs and controls. Note that this will not permit use of the controls in a "design" environment (can't add the control to a VB form, for example.)

Any of the AV applications could be "distributed" this way.


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Is there sample on how to use the thing?


You can find many examples at C:ProgramArrayVisualizerSAMPLESFORTRAN (or C:Program Files...).
I have used VECTOR3C, with own modifications, successfully. I don't remember if it was optional to copy the sample files, or not, when I installed Array Visualizer.


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