I can't use Array Visualizer with VF in debug mode on XP

I can't use Array Visualizer with VF in debug mode on XP


I recently installed CVF on an IBM Thinkpad A30p running Windows XP. I also installed Compaq Array Visualizer. Now when I write a simple FORTRAN program with an array, compile it, run the debugger, and try to visualize the array with Compaq Array Visualizer I get the following error message

Server Busy

! This action cannot be completed because the other
program is busy. Choose 'Switch To' to activate
the busy program and correct the problem.

[Switch To] [Retry] [Cancel]

(but the cancel button is in a light font and not useable.) When I press 'Switch To' it is as if I pressed the "Start" menu button in the lower left hand corner and the error message does not go away. 'Retry' produces the same error message in a moment. Either way, my debugging session is hung, and I need to reboot the machine to start over.

I have CVF Professional Edition v. 6.6 and I have installed the v. 6.6b patches. I have also increased the memory of my Thinkpad to 1GB. Nothing I have done fixes the problem. This happens no matter how small an array I try to visualize, and in any dimension, even 1D. For example

program test2d

parameter ( n = 2)
integer x(2,2), i,j

do i=1, n
do j=1, n
end do
end do


I had previously been using the same version of CVF on a Windows 2000 platform and didn't experience this problem. I would be grateful for any suggestions as to how to fix the problem, since the ability to use the Array Visualizer in the CVF debugger was the reason I purchased CVF in the first place!


- Gerry Puckett

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I have seen similar problems with Array Viewer especially when I install its demo on computers where I distribute my programs. The solution was to start the Array Viewer once separately. So, my suggestions are:
1- Run Per-User Setup from Start/Program/Compaq Visual Fortran 6;
2- Run once Array Viewer from Start/Program/Compaq Array Visualizer, close it and then try to view your arrays from Dev. Studio.

Hope this helps, otherwise you can try to uninstall Array Visualizer and reinstall it.


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