Using AVX for algorithms

Using AVX for algorithms

Hello all,

Recently I have seen a grow in demand for algorithms. I can tell you more about this but should probably add this as a blog post. Assuming that this is true, AVX sounds to me like a good solution for algorithm implementations.

Has anyone had any experience with algorithms? I am looking for pros and cons for using AVX. Here is what I have so far:
* Very fast CPU (~3GHz)
* Multiple memory-channel management (parallel RAM)
* OS support for management, encryption, network, USB, etc.
* Powerful R&D tools
* Very rapid development
* Future compatibility
* Large amount of off-the-shelf components
* Cheap code maintenance
* Minimal cost per design
* Easily adjustable for common media production and editing tools
* Off-the-shelf capture hardware

* Device size
* Power consumption
* Minimal cost per unit

I would really like to see this list grow (both pros and cons). Can anyone with experience in the areapoint out the significant items?


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