Media Content Creation

Media Content Creation

MCC, Media Content Creation, is the application area that is most likely to go mass market.

AVX (Sandy Bridge) performance price point drives the market beyound DTP, digital photo/video sites, to the market exposed by "Gugenhiem-YouTube Play" (23K + submission. Next event in 2 years.)

The Semasiographic branch of linguistics is the future, and AVX is the bridge.


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I see the potential, but I think the YouTube Play market ( is relatively small compared to the everyday photo and video processing that most people do. 23,000 submissions looks quite small compared to all the millions of people posting videos and photos on Facebook and Flickr.

The mass market is going to be people who want to process their holiday photos better. But creative hobbyist film makers stand to benefit most from the technology, and more creative people will be able to experiment with new artforms through the new technologies.

ACK. I want to try different filters on my photos in less time, but would rather not spend much time creating a video. Still the number of people who do video production may/will increase, just as the number of people who edit digital photos increased in the past.

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