AMT research question: modifying AMT firmware

AMT research question: modifying AMT firmware

Hi all,

As a researcher in low-level security Intel AMT has drawn my attention and I would like to implement my own application and/or security kernel at the AMT level. The Intel website however only mentions a SDK for building applications that use existing AMT features. Is there an AMT emulator that Intel provides or can I buy a research system somewhere? Is there perhaps another option that would allow me to run sensible benchmarks?

KU Leuven

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Hi - there is currently no emulator for Intel AMT. The SDK provides APIs that allow you to write a Manageability Console with which to manage an AMT system. You cannot modify the firmware. The only systems that are available to customers are Production Quality and they are pretty much "locked down."What kind of benchmarks do you want to run with AMT?For security/performance you might want to look at our AES-NI instructions and our RDRAND instruction.Here is an introduction to these instructions.Gael

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