Need harddisk information using Intel AMT Technology

Need harddisk information using Intel AMT Technology

Hi All,
My requirement is to get harddisk information such as

Count, Reallocated Sector Count, Seek Error Rate, Seek Time
Performance, Power On Hours Count etc.

This is to be done using Intel AMT feature.My doubt is whether some thing is to be change in ME firmware or just i have to call API's to get information.I don't have clear picture regarding
Intel AMT on client side ,I reffered to many documents but still not able to figure it out.

Your suggestions are most welcome.



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Hello Varun,Intel AMT is not designed to be used for the information that you are looking for (performance measurements.) The Discovery / Hardware Asset useage is for determining what are the physical characteristics of the devices that are on your system - that the system has these devices and some other information associated with the devices. I do know that you can get the information you are looking for, but not from Intel AMT. I'm sorry I can't help you here. Maybe some of our other developers know where to direct you.Gael

Thanks Gael, I got your point.
Please if you can explain how request from console is bieng processed on
client(AMT) system.My doubt is whether ME firmware has enough to handle it or there
is interface between console application and MEFW.

Hi All,

Not able to find out ISV Storage library in latest AMT SDK (Intel_AMT_8_SDK_Gold4197 ).

The samples are in the following folder: \Intel_AMT_8_SDK_Gold4197\IntelAMT8SDK\Windows\Intel_AMT\Samples\WS-ManagementThere are two folders: Storage and StorageAdmininstration - you should be able to build the librarys from the sample code.

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