Looking for SINIT AC Module for E5-2670

Looking for SINIT AC Module for E5-2670

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Hello - I am tracking down this information for you.

Really appreciate!!

Hi Quning,

For the Intel Xeon Processor 1600/2400/2600/4600 Product Families, BIOS includes the SINIT ACM and copies it to the TXT heap and sets the TXT.SINIT.BASE and TXT.SINIT.SIZE registers. The measured launch environment does not need to provide an SINIT ACM.


so does tboot recognize this? any specific version of tboot I should use?Thanks!

Yes, the open source tboot will find the SINIT ACM provided by BIOS.

That's great! I will try it out soon!

I'm working with a dual E5-2680 Xeon Intel Grizzly Pass system. Is there any way to test to see if the SINIT is really in the BIOS?

Thanks much

Jay S.

Can you run tboot and check the log file to see where it's picking up the SINIT ACM?

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