Smart Response on Vpro

Smart Response on Vpro

I am just getting started with Vpro. I have a new system with Intel DQ67SW motherboard and i7-2600. I have a 500GB HDD and an 80GB Intel 320 SDD which I want to use as a disk buffer (i.e. Smart Response).

At first boot, I opened the BIOS and changed the Chipset SATA Mode to RAID, then installed Windows to the HDD, and installed all of the software and drivers that came with the Intel MB. I opened the RST software, expecting I could enable the "accelerate mode", but I can't find it.

What have I done wrong? Or better yet, what must I do?

Thanks kindly.

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Hi David - are you asking about Intel Rapid Storage Technology? (This is different from Intel Smart Response Technology.) Here is a link to this desktop board and its capabilities. it sounds like you are trying to get the Rapid Storage Technology working, here is a link to some instructions:

No, it's Smart Response I'm after. From the intel site: "Intel Smart Response Technology is an Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) caching feature that improves computer system performance. It allows a user to configure computer systems with an SSD used as cache memory between the hard disk drive and system memory." I read further thatthe RST Softwarecan set the RAID mode to "accelerate" to implement Smart Response. Is that not the case?

Could you send the link that you are referring to?Your board supports Intel Rapid Storage Technology but not Intel Smart Response Technology (3rd Gen Intel Core processors are required.)

Intel Smart Response Technology is available on Ultrabook, all-in-one, and standard PCs powered by the 3rd generation Intel Core processor family.

Your Board:The Intel Desktop Board DQ67SW is engineered to provide a stable and reliable platform that enhances offce productivity with remote manageability and data security features. Based on the new Intel Q67 Express Chipset with built-in Intel Active Management Technology1 7.0, the Intel Desktop Board DQ67SW supports 2nd gen Intel Core vPro processors in the latest LGA1155 package-bringing you unprece-dented business PC performance.

Hello again Gael. As always your answers are very clear. I understand you're an Engineer, as am I. For one who knows what to look for, your Engineering background shows in clear, thorough, and professional replies.

It'squite disappointing that I can't get Smart Response (which is a terrible name by the way - you might pass that on); I built the computer with that in mind. Thequote was fromthe Intel Smart Response Technology User Guide. I don't have the URL.

Do your comments mean that vPro and Smart Response are mutually exclusive? That would be terrible. I was told that only the Q67 chipset and boards currently provided vPro technology, butthey apparently don't provide Smart Response. Would that change ifI replaced the 2nd generation i7 with a 3rd generation equivalent in my existing Q67 board? Unfortunately the 3rd generation are not yet in stock at my distributor, or I would have had the system built with it.

Or would I also need the Q77 chipset and board (also not in stock yet, but also imminent), or maybe a different 3rd-gen chipset? Surely there is some way to get both vPro and Smart Response.

Thanks again for your help,
David Pike

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Hi David,Well, the easy answer is that the Intel Smart Response Technology is brand new, coming out in the 3rd Gen processors. Bad news: your board does not support the new processors. The good news is that they will co-exist together, these technologies, it's just that they aren't available yet. The other good news is that the processor launch has happened so they will be available soon.You should be able to consult that link that I provided above in order to match up the technologies that you want with the processors, boards, etc.And as far as the "Smart Response" being a terrible name... I'm sorry.

Thanks Gael for all your help. I followed the leads you gave me and concluded the following (for others inquiring about the same thing.)

For anyone trying to implement Smart Response on a vPro system, the status as of June 5, 2012 is:

1. As of now, it is not available.
2.It will require
(i) a 3rd generation i5 or i7 (just launched, should be available at distributors in ~1 month)
(ii) a Q75 or Q77 chipset (expect launch in next 3 months). I had to read between the lines, but
I'm pretty sure on that
(iii) a Q75 or Q77 motherboard. Intel has not launched theirs. ASUS has not announced yet.
Gigabyte has announced theirs, and their specs clearly state that vPro and Smart Response
are both supported. I can't find any of the Gigabyte boards in stock or listed at my distributor,
and I expect thatthey won't release the boards until Intel officially launches the chipsets

My assumptions about the Q7x functionality are based on the Gigabyte board specs.

In summary, it's not available now, but probably will be by early fall.

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