I've read in the documentation and earlier posts on the forum that I should not be able to access the local AMT through the Web UI. However I have been able to do this on a Dell Optiplex 980 and Dell Latitude E6510. I would like to do this on a HP Elite 8100 but so far have been unsuccessful.Is there a BIOS/MEBx setting that will allow me to open up local AMT access using the Web UI?Thanks for any information!Steve

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I don't recall what the version of AMT is for the HP Elite 8100. Starting with Intel AMT Release 6.1 you can connect to Intel AMT locally using theWebUIinterface. Also make sure the LMS service and HECI/MEI drivers are installed - they are needed for local AMT calls.

Thanks Gael,The AMT version on the 8100 is 6.0.3. So that definitely explains my issue.Steve

Can you get a newer version of the FW from your OEM's website? If so, it should work once you apply the the update.

Yep, I've held back on upgrading the BIOS so far because the SINIT fixes/patches in the latest round of BIOS FW upgrades are not reversible. But I have another machine with AMT v6.2 that I can move my work to.Your help is always appreciated.Steve

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