Adding a patch?

Adding a patch?

I have ported the LMS and MEI drivers into Ubuntu 11.04/11.04 and plan to support Ubuntu 12.04 and Xen (FC15/16) also. Is there a way I can share/release my ports to the community?
They are rather small, mostly header file clean up.

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Well, they are open source from what I believe... I will chase down some info on this.That's great that you have ported them!

Hi again,Well, the only guidance I was able to get was that since they are open source, you are free to submit them, following any license obligations.Somehow I don't think this is much help. Gael

Thanks for the info Gael,Can you suggest where I should submit the port? Looking at my notes all that needed to be done for the LMS driver to build was to comment out line 305 in the ATNetworkTool.cppfile. The compiler was choking on printf for some reason. The drivers have been working just fine on Ubuntu 10.04 through 12.04.Steve

Hi - I let the SDK folks know what you did (I actually shared this thread with them.) They felt that the change was trivial and they would include it in the next release. If you end up making changes to the actual HECI driver, it is part of the linux kernal now so you would need to submit your changes to the (?) Since I have not made changes for the linux kernal, I'm not sure what all you would need to do that.

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