Cannot use KVM on port 5900

Cannot use KVM on port 5900

I have provisioned a HP Elite 8200p desktop computer with the RCS + ACUWizard + USB Key. I've set the RFB password in the profile, and I can access the workstation at: http://ip:16992But I cannot access KVM on port 5900.I'm not sure where I'm supposed to look for what the running config is?Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.~Noah

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Hi Noah,
You can check this use case
Intel vPro Use Case Reference Design - Out of Box Configuration for KVM Remote Control

Out-of-box KVM Remote Ctl v1.3.pdf document explains about KVM configuration. This document can help you about enabling KVM


Mani,Thanks for the link. That did it!~Noah

Ok we have an updated DTK on the community as well. You might want to try it as well.

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