KVM support details in AMT 6.0

KVM support details in AMT 6.0


I'm using KVM available in AMT version 6.0.30-build 1203 through TightVNCViewer, RealVNC Viewer Plus, and Intel commander tool

I'm facing following issues in KVM

1. If OS restarts, KVM connection got disconnected. It's not stable, sometime able to see the restart process, sometimes disconnected message. In AMT 7.0 version there is no problem with OS restart

2. In AMT SDK it is mentioned

The KVM feature supports gaming and signage platforms that have high-resolution graphics (1920x1080 with 16 bits of color depth).

If I change resolution to 1920x1080, KVM connection got disconnected. I can see KVM up to 1680x1050.If we increase resolution above 1680x1050, KVM connection got disconnected

In AMT 7.0 version we are able to do KVM up to 1920x1200 as mentioned in AMT SDK

Is this limitation with AMT 6.0?


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Hello Mani,I have sent your question regarding the issue with the > 1920X1050 resolution setting out to our SDK Engineers. Meanwhile, have you tried the Open DTK? It might help you resolve some of your issues. Note also that there were a number of fixes included in the SDK for AMT 7. Also, the way I read the documentation:The KVM feature supports gaming and signage platforms that have high-resolution graphics (1920x1080 with 16 bits of color depth). Release 7.0 also supports screens with a resolution of 1920x1200 with 16 bits of color depth.>>1920X1080 *should* work for AMT 6 and AMT 7 supports 1920X1200.

Thanks Gael for your reply.
KVM is not working when we tried to connect with resolution 1920X1080 for AMT 6.0 version.
Can you also check about restart problem in AMT 6.0(KVM getting disconnected while restarting, happens only in AMT 6.0 version)


Hi Mani,We are checking on your second question. Here is some information for your first one about resolution.

If you want to work with bigger resolution with KVM you can reduce the pixel format from 2Bpp to 1Bpp (color format 8
colors, 64 colors or 256 colors.) Have you tried this?

1920X1080 is supposed to be allowed for AMT 6.x so I'm still trying to find out why it is not working for you. We are also working with the DTK team to see about getting some of the defects fixed (hopefully this will be happenning very soon.) We have seen a lot of issue with the current release running with AMT 6.x systems. And then I've seen that it works on later versions for certain operations but fails for AMT 6. I can't see the whole thread in this window - if you were running with the latest version you might try an earlier version of the DTK (version 6.x.)

Hi Mani,Here is a better explanation on what is allowed for screen resolution:

real limit is not the resolution itself but the amount of memory the ME needs
to capture the whole image. So when we say that for ME6.0 max resolution is
1600x1200 for 2BPP what we actually are saying is that the buffer we allocate
for the capture is 1600x1200x2 = 3840000 bytes. This means that the resolution
of 1680x1050 will fit into this buffer in 2Bpp because 1680x1050*2=3528000
bytes. This also means that even the resolution of 1920x1600 will fit into this
buffer when 1Bpp capture is done because 1920x1600=3072000.

So that's why, if you go to 1BPP you should be able to adjust your resolution to what you want it to be.


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