Viewing 3PDS Storage Block

Viewing 3PDS Storage Block

I'm trying to create a storage block using this SDK and view it's contents using the Commander Utility. I have successfully created the block and can read back (according to non error return values). I am able to see the storage block I created using the Commander Utility but am unable to see its' contents.Does anyone know how I would give permission to the Commander Utility to view the contents of the created storage block?

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Hi - have you taken a look at the following blog? How to really use Intel AMT 3PDS.
More tutorial videos: 3PDS & TranslationYou might also want to try this "Open" version of the DTK

Yes I have. I'm using the SDK in a Linux environment to locally create an enterprise, application, and storage block. As of right now I am only able to use the Commander Utility on the localhost to see this "TestBlock". If I use connect from another machine I cannot see the storage block. I am able to see the Vendor/Application associated with the storage block. I would like to use this 3PDS storage block as a mailbox. My question is how do I make this storage block visible to foreign machines and allow this block to be read and writeen? The session handle associate with the allocation block only alows me to read and write while running my program. When used from another machine the same session and block handles are return invalid.

My current method for creating a storage block in 3PDS:// Create Enterprise Invoke AMT_ThirdPartyDataStorageAdministrationService.AddStorageEaclEntry// Register an application in the enterpriseInvoke AMT_ThirdPartyDataStorageService.RegisterApplication// Create a block within the applicationInvoke AMT_ThirdPartyDataStorageService.AllocateBlock// Write to the created blockInvoke AMT_ThirdPartyDataStorageService.ReadBlockAll the return values of these function are valid if done from a local machine and I can see the entire hierarchy of the block (enterprise, application...) using the Commander Utility except for the storage block.

It sounds like you may not have the permissions set up correctly to view the storage block remotely. There is an option to allow local and remote viewing. See the SDK Doc for setting Permissions for more details on this.Have you taken a look at the HLAPI module (High Level API)?There is a storage sample in the following folder: HLAPI_7.0.0.136\Src\Intel_Manageability_Library\HLAPI Lib\Interface

Thanks for the response. I do not believe I was setting up permissions incorrectly. Using the AMT WS-Management Flows document, sections 4.18 and 4.19, I am now able to locally read and write to a location in 3PDS and remotely view it using the Commander Utility.
I have seen the HLAPI but I've found the storage sample that is part of the WIndows section of the SDK (/Windows/Intel_AMT/Samples/WS-Management/Storage/C++/StorageFlow.cpp) to be more helpful.My focus right now is on prolonging the timeout associated with a session handle so I am able to access the wrtten part of 3PDS indefinitely.Steve

The values of the timeouts do not look to be changeable via software.

Yes. the documentation states the session timeout is set to 3600 seconds. ( you tell me if this is from the creation of the session handle or if it is from the last use of the handle?

It looked like it was an idle timeout - the last use of the handle.

I can confirm this. Thank you for all your help Gael, it has been much appreciated.Steve

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