Intel HLAPI Events usage C#

Intel HLAPI Events usage C#


I'm trying to develop a program using the Intel HLAPI. So far I got everything working fine, but I can't get my head around the events.
I'd like to be abled to detect the event "CB_BOOT_COMPLETED", but the documentation isn't very clear on how to subscribe to events. Can someone help me on this? I'm working in C#.


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Hi wimboehme,

Have you checked out the sample code in the HLAPI Package in IEvents.cs?

//OS_Boot events

EventsDictionary.Add("Boot_from_Floppy", new eventDetails(new eventDetails.filterValues(255, 31, 0, 88, 1, 255, 38, 0, 90, 111), FilterName.Platform));

EventsDictionary.Add("CD_Boot_Completed", new eventDetails(new eventDetails.filterValues(255, 31, 4, 88, 1, 255, 38, 0, 91, 111), FilterName.Platform));

EventsDictionary.Add("All_OS_Boot_Events", new eventDetails(new eventDetails.filterValues(255, 31, 15, 255, 0, 255, 0, 0, 92, 255), FilterName.Platform));

public static class OS_Boot


public static string Boot_from_Floppy = "Boot_from_Floppy";

public static string CD_Boot_Completed = "CD_Boot_Completed";

public static string All_OS_Boot_Events = "All_OS_Boot_Events";


I'll check it out, thanks.

I've found how I can subscribe to an event and how to set up a listener, but I can't work out how to react when the event is thrown. Can you help me on that?

You need to use the Intel.Manageability Exceptions namespace (see program.cs)Take a look at BootControlFunctionality.cs (catch Manageability Exception ex)Also look at "HLAPI Lib\Implementation\BootControlImpl.c"- there are samples on how to handle exceptions there. Also look at BootControlFunctionality.cs.These three files look to handle exceptions.

Actually, are you saying that once you capture the event you aren't sure what to do with it? If that's the case, that would depend on what you think should happen in the case of getting an event ranging from simple logging - putting the event into your database, sending an email notification, etc.

I have taken this up again, as it would be better for us if I can get events working.I know how to subscribe to the event using the GeneralSubscription, but after that I don't know how to catch the event.This is my subscribe method: GeneralSubscription sub = new GeneralSubscription(comp.ip, Events.OS_Boot.CD_Boot_Completed, SenderIDType.UUID); comp.amt.Events.Subscribe(sub);Now I want to know when the event actually occurs. How do I do this?

Have you enabled the WS-Event Listener? GeneralSubscription.ListenerAddressProperty
The listener's address. Can be IP address or FQDN. WS event reqiuers that theListenerAddresswill be a valid IP address/ FQDN, begin with 'http://' and includes a port. PET event reqiuers only that theListenerAddresswill be a valid IP address/ FQDN.

Have you had a chance do download the latest AMT 8 SDK? It includes the latest version of the HLAPI complete with documentation.The latest SDK is here.It looks like the HLAPI doc has been improved since the last version so you might want to see if it provides any more help. There are samples for setting up the listener instide the HLAPI SK: WSEventingListenerSample-Hopefully this will help.


me too looking for same

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