Checking AMT enabled status remotely

Checking AMT enabled status remotely


I'm trying to get Amt enabled status remotly .
Tried SystemProperties.vbs(Available in AMT SDK 7 - \\Intel_AMT_Release_7.0_SP1_SDK_PV_-_3696\\Windows\\Intel_AMT\\Samples\\WMI)execution locally in AMT machine and got error as
cscript SystemProperties.vbs
Microsoft Windows Script Host Version 5.8
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

LMS service started: True
UNS service started: True
C:\\...\\Windows\\Intel_AMT\\Samples\\WMI\\SystemProperties.vbs(27, 1) SWbemServicesEx: Not found

I'm seeing AMT status as Enable and configured in Intel Management security Status application,
Is there any way to use WMI queries/winrm call to get the status of AMT machine(version >=6)remotly without running SCSdiscovery or similar tool in AMT system?


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Hello Mani,

You would not be able to use WMI remotely to check the status of an AMT system, however you could use RMCP ping to do so.

Hereis an SDK link on how to use RMCP ping to determine platform state remotely. This can be done inVB butwe dont have any examples - you would need to write them yourself.

Hopefully this will help.

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