Unable to Find Intel AMT SOL Port

Unable to Find Intel AMT SOL Port


we have got several DELL Optiplex 780 with MEBEX und also another DELL T1600 computer with MEBEX 7. xx. - all with windows 7 prof.

IAMT is in SMB Mode.

We I open Manageability Commander Tool and want to takeremote access to one of the Optiple 780 a connection is established an I could open the window "Managebility Terminal Tool". In there I could reboot the system, even reboot into bios.

But I found no way to use the serial agent e. g. "process explorer".
When I click on the "process explorer" (or the other items mentioned there) the windows ist "empty".

Also when I open the Opost Tool on the remote computerand try co connect, the connection fails.
It says: "Local Connection to Intel AMT failed Check that the computer support drivers & password"

When I again open the Opost Tool -> Serial Agent Tab and there try to enable the "serial over lan agent"
I get the message "unable to find intel amt sol port". Looking into the windows 7 device manager I see "Intel Active Management Technology - SOL (COM3).

This is the same with allo Optiplex 780 and also the newer DELL T1600 with IAMT version 7.xx

Could you help?

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Hi ed,
Thanks for your post. the SMB mode was depreciated after the AMT 5.x release. It was replaced with Manual setup and configuration for release 6.0, so I am guessing that that is how your T1600 is set up.

Could you go to this link: http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/download-the-latest-version-of-intel-amt-setup-and-configuration-service-scs/and download the System Discovery Utility? Then if you could post the results from just one of your systemshere, that would help us figure out what this issue may be. It sounds as though you might be missing a driver that you need.


Hello Ed,

What version of the DTK are you running? Also, outside of not being able to use the serial agent, are there any other issues with managing your clients? I'm assuming the power commands are working, but it's the serial agent that is failing?


Hi judy,


I am confused and unable to use this tool / the correct syntax.

Here is oneofmy many attempts


C:\SD>SCSDiscovery.exe /verbose /output FILE SCSDiscovery.exe TEST

Failed to write to the file. A possible reason is insufficient permissions in th

e selected folder. . (SCSDiscovery.exe)

Starting log 2011-11-18 15:47:33

Exit with code 42 - Failed to write to the file. A possible reason is insufficie

nt permissions in the selected folder.

Details: Failed to write to the file. A possible reason is insufficient permissi

ons in the selected folder. . (SCSDiscovery.exe)


The tools is executed in the directory "C:\SD". In this "Everybody" has full rights.
So I do not understand the errorcode.



I am useing: Manageability_Developer_Tool_Kit_7_0_11161.

Yes, I could reboot the clients and also I could enter a text based version of the bios.

But in the Manageability Terminal Tool I could not navigate (exept when I restart into the bios) and also - and that is what I want - I can not nothing of what is seen in the menue "serial agent" (process explorer etc.)


Hi Ed,
I'm sorry you had difficulty using that tool. I haven't heard of people having issues with it previously. I did send on your post to Larry M. and I think he should be able to help you with the issue. I'm glad you requested support from the expert center as well. I'm sure between them they will help you with your issue.


Hi Ed,

Take a look at my blog - it has instructions on how to run the SCS Discovery tool.

This command works:
>SCSDiscovery.exe /Output file test.xml SystemDiscovery /NoRegistry

It looks like you are looking at the test.xml file - this file is worthless, from what I can tell. The one you want to look at should have the fqdn of your system name as the file name.

Could you attach that output to this issue? Maybe we can see what is going on then. Or have you already gotten this issue resolved?

Hi Ed - did you get this working? I will wait another day for a response, otherwise I will close this issue.Thank You

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