Problem connecting to AMT target (SDK 7.0 storage admin sample)

Problem connecting to AMT target (SDK 7.0 storage admin sample)

Hi -- I'm working with the storage admin sample from the AMT 7.0 SDK (Release 7.0 Service Pack 1 May 22, 2011). The target system is an HP EliteBook 8540w laptop; ME version there is v6.0.40.1215 with ME BIOS extension v6.0.3.0019.

When I configured AMT (manually within BIOS) it forced me to use PKI authentication; I suspect that's my problem here.

I can ping the laptop from the machine that's running the sample code. I can bring up the AMT web page (it says the function isnt' available, but at least there's a web page displayed). I can't bring up the AMT web page on the machine running the SDK sample code -- browser times out and shows a 'cannot connect' message.

The storage admin sample returns the error "Failed to establish a connection with the server.
Openwsman last error = 12002" from within OpenWsmanClient.cpp.

Please let me know how I should start debugging/fixing this (I'm a newbie to AMT/ME). Thanks for any pointers.

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Hi jstanle1,
Thanks for your post. I'm wondering if you have downloaded the Manageability Commander tool from the Manageability Developer Tool Kit? You can find it here:

I find that really helpful in confirming that both the host and the target systems are connected properly.

I checked the AMT machine that I configured and it is also set up as PKI. I wonder if you additionally made sure that the SOL/IDM/KVM features are enabled?

Please check your setup and try using the Manageabiltiy Commander tool to verify that the two systems can talk to one another.


Judy --

Thanks for your reply. I got the tools and put them onto the laptop with AMT/TPM and also on my desktop (to use as the remote controller).

The Manageability Outpost is able to display the ME information (versions, provisioningand certificates -- it shows (none) for PKI FQDN Suffix and for Configuration Server)but can't connect to AMT locally -- it just brings up a popup saying that local connection to Intel AMT failed.

The Manageability Commander running on the desktop can't connect to the ME in the laptop either; no error is displayed, the tool just fails to connect.

I have SOL and IDM enabled on the laptop. KVM seems to require a separate key I don't have (I don't recall the problem there).

I am trying to connect across Intel's corporate network; could this be an issue?

Thanks for any pointers on this.


Hi Jim,
That shouldn't be a problem as my system is set up similarly (I can access my AMT system from my development system that is on the Intel network.)

When you use the Commander Tool, did you run Network Discovery? You can set the Start and End IP Addesses before you start which helps to narrow it down. I would check the AMT machine for the IP address it is connected to and then go from the top of the last number to the bottom of the last possible number. Example: XX.XX.XX.1 to XX.XX.XX.254.

If the Commander tool still can't locate the system, then I think you may have a setup and configuration problem with the laptop. You can request support from They have a new tool called "Intel vPro Activation Advisor" which may help to trouble shoot your issue or you can file a request for help.


Judy --

Thanks again for your reply. Commander does find the laptop, and I've done the 'add' operation there. I can also log into the web page. The problemwas that I had a wireless connection before -- I put it onto a wired connection and it is working properly.

Thanks for your help with this.


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