Intel AMT to Python

Intel AMT to Python

Hi guys!

I have a C++ file that import 3 AMT's C++ files. But this files imports lots of some others AMT's C++ files.
I'd like to know if there's a Intel AMT SDK for Python? If don't, is there a easy way to wrap C++ AMT's code for Python?

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Hi Leonardo,
Thanks for your post. Sorry to say, there isn't a Python AMT SDK. I'm not familiar with how Python works with C++, so I can't answer on wrapping the C++ code for Python. Maybe someone else in the community could answer that question?


Instead of looking at importing the C++ modules into Python, I would look into grabbing the .Net scriptable libraries that were written to allow Powershell to interact with AMT. The DLL is written to be scriptable, so you should probably be able to get it integrated with Python much the same as you would integrate any .Net module. I haven't actually tried this, but I think that it would work.


Thanks for your replies!
I'm trying to "wrap" C++ and Python now, using SWIG. But I'm new using this feature and I'm getting some (lots actually) of errors.
I have to had 2 files, I guess: a Windows and a Linux "wrapper file". If anyone have a clue of how, please let me know.
Otherwise, when I'm done of those modules, I'll post the way I did it. Maybe can be helpful to other developers.

There seems to be an early version of  Python "Tools for interacting with Intel's AMT"

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