Intel AMT watchdogs

Intel AMT watchdogs

I am developing an AMT application to monitor the processes in a remote AMT computer.

watchdogs are used to do the task and I make use of the Intel AMT DTK as well. first I connect to the remote amt machine (host1.connect()). The host variable is representing the remote AMT machine. Then I was able to create and add watchdog agents in the remote machine (host1.Watchdog.Add()).

you are providing a seperate tool called managebility outpost tool to connect these watchdogs with a running process at the remote machine.

In outpost tool it connects to the local AMT management engine and creates watchdogs and attach them with a process.

when i connect to the remote AMT host as explained above, I could see the created watchdogs by using host1.Watchdog.GetAgents() method.

But when I say host1.WatchdogLocal.GetWatchdogs(); it says it is NULL. What is the difference between host1.watchdog and host1.WatchdogLocal ?

I was trying to do the watchdog task of the outpost tool from a remote machine.

Is it posible to do this watchdog task of the outpost tool from a remote machine without having outpost tool installed on each AMT machine on the network?

Primary task of my application is to support centralized system administration. is there any posibility of implementing the task of this outpost tool within my applicaion?

Please reply...!!

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Hi tgamage,
I am still trying to find out the answer to your question. I did search the documentation that I have available to look for the answer, but I was unable to locate the difference between watchdog and WatchdogLocal. I did send outyour questionto the Managability and Security forum here at Intel and an answer may be forthcomming soon, but I didn't want to leave you just hanging without any response.


Hi tgamage,
I talked over your question with some members of the Manageability and Security team today and they had a couple of responses:

First, they strongly urge you to use the SDK( instead of the code in the DTK. You may already know that the Manageability Outpost Tool has been EOL'd (end-of-life).

Secondly, they said that the Watchdog command is local, and cannot be used remotely. So that may be the reason you can't get the remote use to work.

Hope this helps,

Hi Judy,

Thank you very much for your help. I am realy stuck here. I tried so hard to make it work. But still couldn't find an answer for the problem. I using the SDK as well.

So without using the outpost tool, is there any other way to get the states of remote software agents through Intel AMT? Since the outpost tool has come to its end of life, waht might be the new tool that will do the remote agent managemet in Intel AMT envirmonment?

again thak you very much for your posts. waiting for a reply..

Hi tgamage,
This really seems to be an area that hasn't been fully explored. I have gotten no response from the internal Manageability forum to your last question. I went and looked at the Intel AMT Implementation and Reference Guide for AMT 7.0 here:

when I got there I searched for "software agents". I did find some information about getting the status of sfotware agents running on the host and can be monitored by the Agent Presence Feature. There are some conditions, and it seems to be tied inwith the watchdog actions as well, soprobably you have already looked at this.

I will continue to bring up questions to the experts and try and find a different solution for you.


Hi Judy,

Thank you very much for your post. I read about those software agents and agent presence feature of AMT technology. I was able to manage it by using the managebility commander tool at the management console and the outpost agent at the remote host.

But in my case i want to bring up the functionalities of this outpost tool into the management console where i can monitor remote processes from a centralized location.

It doesn't mean that I want to completely avoid using the outpost tool. It is more than enough if can configure this outpost tool from the management console(MC) while the outpost tool runs at the remote host as a background process.

I tried to implement the outpost tool coding at my MC but it didn't work. I realy appreciate your help and i am waiting for a reply...!!

Thank you.

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