Watchdog supervision in i7

Watchdog supervision in i7

Hi all,
I am a studentdoing aproject on software development.I want to know
1) If there is any watchdog supervision in intel i7-620m processor
2) Can an i7 620m processor be used for redundant management i.e can i usetwo i7-620m processor's at a time so that if anyone of them fails, the other one should carryon the system without any interruption(a fail safe kinda)
Any help in this regard can be greatly useful for me.Thank you

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Hi tjkc_bits,
I discussed these questions with agroup of Manageability and Security experts and their answer to this question was that as far as any of us know, there is no watchdog supervision in the Intel i7-620m processor. We do not know of any way your second question can be set up currently. The good news is that processors are evolving daily, and maybe sometime soon a processor will be developed that can do what you would like it to do.


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