Adding the StorageService .NET component [Urgent] [pls help]

Adding the StorageService .NET component [Urgent] [pls help]

I am a final year student at SriLanka Institute of Information Technology and I am implementing a network management software as my final year project. I came up with several problems regarding Intel Manageability Commander source codes and I published them here in different threads. I got some answers for some of them. But I am stucked with following problems for about a month and never got an answer here. Please kindly help me with following problems as they have make a breakpoint in my project.

1) I found that there is a component named StorageService in the Manageability Commander tool. It appears in the ToolBox under the Manageability Stack Components. As I cannot add this component to my own project I am facing a runtime error AMT_ThirdPartyDataStorageService.LockBlock WSMAN call FAILED.

2) In Manageability Commander Tools source code I found a command "[DllImport("StorageWrapper.dll")]" Does it automatically create the required .dll file or if not where can I find that .dll file. Please provide a source that I can download it.

As I cant continue my project with these problems please kindly help me, if not all my work done within this six month will be wasted. Please reply soon.

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Hi kalpah,
Thanks for your post. I have passed along your questions to the support team for the DTK as well as our internal Manageability team. Hopefully you will get responses shortly. Hang in there!


Hi Judy,

Thanks for the help and waiting for a reply.


Hi kalpah,
I got a response toone of your questionsthis morning fromLarry Moccardinewho is a vPro Support Engineer here at Intel. He wondered if you have the latest version of the DTK. The release notes from the latest version show these details:

Release Notes 7.0.11161.2

  • Incorporated latest published Intel Active Management Technology SDK (Intel AMT SDK) 7.0.
  • Resolved Network Alerts not received when connecting to a Standard Manageability system.
  • Resolved allocation of Third-Party Data Store (3PDS) storage blocks.
  • Resolved incorrect reporting of Maximum Media size in Hardware Asset Inventory.
  • Resolved SOL/IDER/KVM with Kerberos Authentication issue

You can get the latest version here if you aren't using it:

Larryfurther says "Hopefully they are running an older version and that this is not a new bug with the DTK. If he is using the latest and greatest version of the DTK, then I would recommend having him submit the issue to us directly and we can communicate with him directly." By "Us", he is referring to the support email address

Hope this helps,

Thank you very much for your help.But there is nothing wrong with the Manageability developre tool kit. This error occurs when I write the same coding in my application. I want to know that whether I need to include additional components to my application.I will contact Mr.Larry Moccardine through the email that you mentioned.Thank you.Kalpah

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