AMT Management Console Help!

AMT Management Console Help!

I have about 65 computers running Intel's AMT Small Business Mode. I would like to centrilize all those computers using a management console. I have done some reseach but still I'm unsure of what management console would work better for Small Business mode. I have different versions of AMT throught the computers, the latest is 6.0. So far I have read that the best option is Manageability Developer Tool Kit and to use real vnc viewer for remote assistant and kvm. Is there any better options?


Nelson Lima

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Hi Nelson,

If you have 65 systems running with AMT, then I'm assuming that you're actually using the systems in some production environment? If so, then I would definitely switch the systems over to using Enterprise mode configuration. SMB mode really is just for testing, and is full of security holes that you really don't want to expose on production systems. You can use the Commander but you might also want to consider using Powershell scripts to automate some of your more tedious jobs with AMT.


I'm new to AMT and Vpro technologies, what would be a good management console for Enterprise mode? One that helps me set up and remote assist those computers using KVM?Thank you RogerRegards,Nelson

McAfee has a management console called ePO Deep Command. "McAfee ePO Deep Command provides secure and remote security management
access to PCs that may be powered off or disabled. ePO Deep Command
utilizes Intel vPro Active Management Technology (AMT) to deliver
beyond the operating system management, reducing security operations
costs while enhancing your security posture. Using Intel vPro AMT, ePO
Deep Command enables secure remote access regardless of the PCs power
state so security administrators can remotely remediate compromised
systems, enable energy-saving initiatives, wake systems, and apply
proactive security."

What is difference between amt hardballer and colt 1911?

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