WSMAN call Failure

WSMAN call Failure

I am trying to allocate a memory block of a remote vPro computer & access its content using a code which I wrotebylooking atthe Manageability DTK's code segments. I can allocate a memory block but when I am trying to access it by using lock (block) { block.ReadBlock(); } command, it gives the following error.
AMT_ThirdPartyDataStorageService.LockBlock WSMAN call FAILED

Can anyone tell why I am getting this error and a solution to overcome this problem.

Thank you.

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Hi kalpah,
Thanks for your post. In order to help us find the answer for you, could you please let us know what the actual error code is that you are getting? Also, can you see if you can read the block using the Commander tool in the SDK? It wouldalso help if you can tell us what version of AMT you are using and what vPro system it is being used on.

One final suggestion: searching the documentation:
might help you find a solution on your own.


Thank you for replying.The error occurs at runtime when I clicked the button that I coded to show the content of the allocated memory block. The actual error is "AMT_ThirdPartyDataStorageService.LockBlock WSMAN call FAILED" & it occurs at the try catch block related to locking the allocated memory block. It throws an exception which was unhandlled.I can read the memory block using Commander tool. But when I wrote the exact coding of the commander, it doesn't work.I am using AMT 3.0 & small business.Thank you.

What level of Firmware is on your system? If you are at 3.0 you might want to upgrade to 3.2. Also here is a blog that you might find helpful.

But, if you can read your block using the Commander tool, then it sounds like you are missing some steps in your code.

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I wrote the exact coding which is there in the Manageability commander tool. But it gives a runtime error, I cannot see any missing part of the code.Is there any hidden coding or environment variables do I have to consider.

I found that there is a coding "[DllImport("StorageWrapper.dll")]" but I cannot find a file named StorageWrapper.dll. Can you tell how can I get this file.

Thank you.

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