Intel AMT Network Alerts and Events

Intel AMT Network Alerts and Events

I am developing an application for remote PC management using Intel AMT feature and I am trying toRetrieveNetwork alerts from a remote computer. The Intel AMT DTK is greately helpfull to me in doing the job. I was able to access the event log and the existing event fiters on the remote computer. But I have a problem receiving network alerts. As mentioned in the DTK I used the follwing part of coding to get these alerts once I am connected to the remote AMT host.AmtAlert[] NetAlerts = host.Events.GetAlerts(); //host is the AMT object and it's state is connectedbut theNetAlerts array didn't contain any alerts and it wasn't NULL either. Once I used theMessageBox.Show(alerts.Count().ToString());statement it shows the count as 0. Then I checked the alert subscription list to check whether the management console is there in the list using follwing set of lines. ////////**** Testing the Alert Subscription List.
AmtAlertSubscription[] alertsubsciption = host.Events.GetAlertSubscriptions(); foreach (AmtAlertSubscription AS in alertsubsciption) { MessageBox.Show(AS.Address.ToString()); }the management console was there in the subcription list. I cannot figure out the problem. Is there anything alse to do to receive these alerts? please help me to fix this problem..Thank you

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Hi - can you give us some more information, like what version of the DTK are you using, what version of AMT are you working with (plus version of FW).

Have you tried using any of the SDK samples in place of the DTK code? Can you tell us which AMT APIs are being called in the DTK code? From your question above, I cannot map the classes above to apis from the SDK.

You can look at the Event Subscription section in the SDK docs here.
The SDK can be downloaded here.


I am using the DTK version 7_0_11151_0. I guess it is the latest release of the DTK. I am working with Intel AMT version 3.0 and the firmware version is v3.0.2.0004.

I didn't use SDK samples yet (I will try it). The class called AmtAlert is being used here. The AmtAlert class is defined in ManageabilityStack.dll (namespace ManageabilityStack). Everything works fine with the DTK. when I connect to the remote AMT host via the DTK, I can get the network alerts. But In my application it doesn't receive these alters..!! As I specified earlier, the Array which should contain those network alerts is empty. I still cannot figure out why it is empty..

plese help me to get through this problem

thank you very much..!!

I am a little confused... The latest DTK on the Manageability and Security Community is version 6.0.10314 Are you using the Open Source release (.7x)?

You are saying that when you run the DTK as your managagement console you experience success, but when you run the code from your program, things are not working anymore. Could you try something?

Go into the DTK menu "View" and select "Advanced Properties" a new window will appear. Click on the "Networking" tab. Is the box that says "Use WSMAN first when available" Checked?

Your version of AMT (3.0) does not support many WSMAN functions. Many were added in AMT 3.2 so you should see if you can upgrade your firmware to 3.2 (which OEM is your system?).

AmtAlert does not show up as an API in the SDK so I'm not sure what is behind it - SOAP or WSMAN. I'm thinking that when you run the DTK it detects that your version of AMT does not support the latest WSMAN interface and so calls the legacy SOAP APIs. Can you find within the DTK source where it is making the decision to use either SOAP or WSMAN?

To find out more about the deprecated SOAP interface - you can search for SOAP in the SDK documentation here. You can also see from the SDK Doc if the APIs you need were available in AMT 3.2.

I also wrote a blog a while back describing different development scenarios - see it here. You would probably be most interested in Scenario 2 - where you might have developed code that will work only non newer versions of AMT and so you might want to check out the WSMAN Translater (link is in the blog).


One more thing to check:

Did you implement an Event Listener into your code? The DTK has one built into it. You might want to look for where the DTK has implementedthe eventlistener and make sure your code has it too.


Problem solved....I implemented an SNMP trap listener in my code as you mentioned in your reply. Then I was able to receive the generated network alerts through my code.Thanks a lot..

Yay! I'm so glad you got it working!

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