Third Party Data Storage

Third Party Data Storage

I was using the "Manageability Commander Tool" to test the 3PDS. When I tryed to allocate Storage for an application the following error occured Error allocating block: SDK_NETWORK_ERROR. I was using 2 vpro computers connected via a switch. Can anyone suggest me a solution to fix this problem.

Thank you.

-- The following link contains the error image --

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Hi. Yes, I think I have noticed that same bug for a while now. If I recall correctly, this happens when WSMAN is used to communicate with Intel AMT (which is the new default). For now, the best solution is to use the open source version of Commander at: That version should work just fine. If you see any problems with the open version, please let me know.


By the way, in case any one is intersted. This Open Source version of the DTK has the highly sought after Director tool inlcuded (used for provisioning.)

Thanks for your reply.

I installed the Manageability Developer Toolkit that you have mentioned. I could connect to the remote vPro computer using that, but I couldn't find the "Data Storage" folder which appears under the connected host. Normally there is Hardware Assets,Networking,Data Storage & Event Log folders under the connected host. But here the Data Storage folder is missing.

Do I have to configure anything ?

I am using AMT 3.0.

Error Image-------------------------------------------

kalpah - are you running that on the local AMT system or from your management console? Also, can you upgrade your firmware to 3.2? (check your OEM's site to see if they have it available.)

I am using 2 vPro computers connected via a switch. I am running Manageability developer toolkit from one computer and connect to the other computer from it.

The computers that I am working belongs to the campus & I am not sure that I will be able to update the AMT version.


I tryed to write a simple 3PDS coding...

GlobalStorageAttributesType attribs = computer.Storage.GetStorageAttributes();

at here it gives an error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". I couldn't fix that. Do I have to add something like "Storage wrapper" or any extra classes to my visual studio project.

Thank you.

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