HECI driver for modern Linux kernel. Where is it?

HECI driver for modern Linux kernel. Where is it?

I'm trying to use Intel's AMT vPro technology, but it looks like the needed HECI driver stopped working around 2 years ago and Intel has no plans bringing it back and up to date with recent (at least the oldest "current") linux kernel.
Do I understand correctly that Intel HECI/AMT/VPro is thus unsupported in Linux and Intel has no plans making it compatible with recent Linux distributions?

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Hi kotique,

The 2.6.40 version of Linux will have a new MEI driver (also known as the HECI driver), but that is still in staging. I understand that the kernel codefor 2.6.40 has been released to the public. There is also a stand alone driver for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 SP1. I don't know whattype of Linux you are using, but if that happens to be your OS, then let me know and I will find a link to the driver for you. I'm still finding out more information so I'll pass anything new on as I discover it.


Hi kotique,
I just found out that the Linux driver will be released here on the Manageability and Security website very shortly. I can't give you an exact date, but it is expected to be out within the next month or so.

Stay Tuned!

We're hopingto have it released next week. I'll post an alert on the community when it's live on the site.


Hi, Judy. Thanks for bringingthisup to the attention of right people. I'm quite surprised to hear that the development isn't stuck and we're going to have linux version of driver available soon.

That's great! It's so pleasant to hear that Intel actually cares about non-windows users. Thanks, Jeffrey!

Hi Kotique,

Which platform are you working on? You can check the links here for the AMT drivers on linux kernel 2.6.32. We did have some internal team at Intel developing these drivers. For the Intel 7 series chipset, as mentioned above the drivers will be released soon.

This patch in this document supports Intel 4 series chipset:

The patch in this document for Intel 5 series is located at edc.intel.com, you will need to create a login to download the patch:


The new AMT Linux drivers are now posted at http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/download-the-latest-intel-amt-open-source-drivers/

Hope this helps!

I am confused, will the new released drivers atThe new AMT Linux drivers are now posted athttp://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/download-the-latest-intel-amt-open-source-drivers/still stupport 4-series and 5-series chipset, or only 7-series chipset?I have a DH55TC and can only find very little information about the linux drivers to use to monitor/manager my fan speeds (QST).EDIT: Looking at the source files, the new version should still support the old platforms as well.

The first set of patches from

This patch in this document supports Intel 4 series chipset:

Are they available for download? Copy and pasting them from a set of wrongly wrapped lines in a pdf file is not excatly fool proof. I am not a c-programmer or patch-expert, so can't get it working.

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