### Who is Developing for vPro on Linux ###

### Who is Developing for vPro on Linux ###

Hi folks,

Iaminterestedinknowing about the experiences of who are developing and deploying softwares based on Intel vPro in Linux OS.

Best Regards,


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Hi Jose,

It seems that there is quite a lot of new Linux based information coming in the near future. We've just had another forum member ask about a new HECI driver and there is a new one being released in the 2.6.32 version of Linux.

How about it, forum members? If you are working with Linux, let Jose and the other forum members know!


Jose, are you asking about ability to control ("client") or ability to provide control ("server")? From what I understand, both are proprietary. That is, no IPMI and such :) You'll need to use provided SDK and build your own software that will implement the needed features.

Thanks Judy,I would like to know the activities under Linux with vPro, in order to create a toolbox for the Linux Developer / User.Actually I've created an opensource software called JAmtConnector that enables a Linux user to connect/collect data from his/her vPro machines over the network.Best Regards,Jose Damico

Thx,Is what I am doing currently, but I would like to get in touch with another member that are using vPro under LinuxBest Regards,Jose Damico

Hi Jose,
I passed along your question to the greater Manageabilitycommunity inside Intel. I understand that you want to get in touch with other members that are using vPro with Linux. There are some forum members who have been very excitied about the new Linux MCI driver, which is now out on the main Manageability site.So you might just peruse the forum and blogs here and see if you can locate other members who are using Linux.
One of the community members suggested that you take a look at the Linux information available in the current SDK:

Formally in the SDK, for Linux purpose, you can find:

Redirection library + sample

KVM library + few samples

Some WSMan support

Additionally on the vPro expert center you can find the Java lib for the WSMan interface which works over Linux.

As usual all the WSMan interface/based features are documented in the SDK which can be found at:


The features description is OS independent (event tough the code snippets are power shell, the syntax is very similar to the Java lib )

If you are interested in the new drivers and what they can help with, check out Gael's new blog:

Hope some of this helps,

Hi,I have my ownimplementationAMT5onjava,which runson Linux.Gennadiy.

Hello, I am also interested in knowing about the experiences of who are developing and deploying softwares based on Intel vPro in Linux OS. Hope to get the answer from other members!

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