IPMI v2.0 specification: how to Identify LUN of sensors in PET

IPMI v2.0 specification: how to Identify LUN of sensors in PET


About IPMI v2.0 specification, I understand it is possible to define in SDRR two sensors with same owner ID and Sensor Number and with differents LUN (00b, 01b, 10b or 11b). Is it correct?
If yes, could you confirm that the LUN of a sensor is not defined in PET variables?
Therefore how is it possible for a software that receives the PET to identify the sensor (in the SDRR) associated with the PET?

Thank you for your help.

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Hi Bernard,
I am still trying to locate the right expert here to answer your questions. Meanwhile,maybe someone out in the Manageability Community at large might be able to answer your question. How about it, community?


Hi Bernard,

I am going to try to answer your question. I assume you are talking about Intel AMT and PET events related to it. In general, Intel AMT eventsare only very loosely based on a subset of IPMI. The specific subset has never been documented to my knowledge. So, if you go in the IPMI documents, there are plenty more sensors & functionality defined that is not present in Intel AMT. Additionaly, you can't change any of the sensor settings, they are all hard coded. The only thing you can change is the event filters used to log and subscribe for PET events. So, basicaly, what you have is what you get.

There are only very few "sensors" or event sources in Intel AMT: "Unspecified", "BIOS", "Disk", "Addin card", "Processor", "Intel AMT". I think that's pretty much it. I suggest pulling down the event log from an Intel AMT machine and go from there. I would not rely on the IPMI specification too heavily.

I am not familior with "SDRR". But I hope this helps,

Thank you for your answer Ylian.

question is not specific to Intel AMT but a general question about
IPMI 2.0 specification for which Intel is a contributor...

I don't find other Intel forums where
to ask questions about IPMI...

For information, SDRR is Sensor Data
Record Repository.

If anybody can help me or give me a
link towards the good forum, I would appreciate.

Thank you.

Arg. Well, I tried. I really don't have any clue who could answer this. Our server guys may know this, on the other hand, IPMI is used in BMC's and we use 3rd party BMC's. I don't believe Intel builds one, but may be wrong. I don't work with servers much. So, I really don't know who could answer this around here.


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