Silent Install of SCS

Silent Install of SCS

Hi All,
I'm trying to install Intel SCS silently and failed due to username, password for service.
While installing SCS it's asking for service username and password , we need to enter manually and then only installation succeed.
Do we have any other option to take the credential of logged in user automatically for running Remote configuration service? - like we can enter %USERNAME% or used windows NT authentication(integrated security)

I created silent install script file(silentinstall.iss), username and password are stored in the
silentinstall.iss,if I use the silentinstall.iss for silent install in some other machine with another user account,
it get fails since username, password is not matching.

I hope we can get logged in user name and update silentinstall.iss, but i hope we don't have option to get password for logged in user.
I'm looking for an option to install SCS silently without asking username, password.
Any succeed silent install without modifying silentinstall.iss for username, password?


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Hi Mani
Thanks for your post, but all SCS questions should be posted on the vPro Expert Center forum here: The SCS experts should be able to help you there.


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