Intel vPro SDK Network Time Service (GetLowAccuracyTimeSynch & SetHighAccuracyTimeSynch)

Intel vPro SDK Network Time Service (GetLowAccuracyTimeSynch & SetHighAccuracyTimeSynch)


I am trying to synch the ME time with current system time. I use GetLowAccuracyTimeSynch and SetHighAccuracyTimeSynch method to synchronize the ME time. The API returns success but i see the difference of TimeZone in ME time.

ie,. if i set the value as GMT + 5.30 hrs, it synchronized the time GMT and not updates 5.30 hours to ME time.

Please tell me if i missed out any logic.

More info:
AMT SDK Version: 7
Getting the Low Accuracy Time Synch from GetLowAccuracyTimeSynch.getTA0() and synch the time with SetHighAccuracyTimeSynch(GetLowAccuracyTimeSynch.Ta0,current_time, current_time);


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Hi Dhavan,
Unfortunately the ME Protected Real Time Clock does not have Time Zone knowledge.
You can find out more in the blog post here.

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