AMT sdk sample assetDisplay and TPM output?

AMT sdk sample assetDisplay and TPM output?

Hi, I've been interested in getting more asset information from my AMT machine and started with the assetDisplay sample from the SDK. This uses the older SOAP api but for my purposes its still useful. One thing I've noticed with the output from assetDisplay is that it does not properly detect my Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 1.2 ? I've examined the BIOS and it's clearly set to enabled. Does anyone have some tips or ideas on how to make the AMT better ID the TPM.

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Let us look into this.


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The SOAP sample in the SDK does not display every possible hardware asset information but rather is a reference application to help you develop your own solution.

Now, to your question about how to determine the TPM version, starting with AMT 4.0, we have added this capability to the hardware asset realm. Please look at the SDK documentation for hardware asset section here. This use case flow will walk you through the vPro Verification table which includes Cpu Capabilities, Mch Capabilities, Ich Capabilities, Me Capabilities, Tpm Capabilities, Network Devices, Bios Capabilities. TPM Capabilities provide you the following information:


4 bytes of data.
Bit 0 - Supports TPM on board (1= Supported)
Bit 1 - TPM state (1 = Enabled)
Bit 2:15 - Reserved (must be set to 0).
Bits 16:23 - Major version of TCG spec to which TPM is designed.
This is same as the value retrieved using the command
TCG_StatusCheck as defined by TCG.
Bits 24:31 - Minor version of TCG spec to which TPM is designed.

Please look at the WS-Management sample of AssetDisplay in the SDK and it will display the TPM information when run against an AMT enabled machine.


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