Accessing the local hard drive on a machine with AMT ?

Accessing the local hard drive on a machine with AMT ?

Hi, I am interested in exploring what one can access on the local hard drive of an AMT enabled machine? I have looked briefly through the SDK and see Storage related classes, but they appear to be related to accessing only the 3rd party data storage in the AMT itself. If i'm wrong i'd love to hear someone's thoughts on how one could use the SDK to remotely read/write to a hard drive. Till then i'll keep searching, and if I find something i'll post it.

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You should take a look at the Enhanced Remote Repair with Drive Sharing use case reference design.
That is the closest thing I can think of to what you are requesting.

Interesting. Thanks for the info. I don't suppose one could accomplish this without rebooting the machine and loading an iso ? I guess what I was looking for was a means of communicating with the AMT with the OS in a good state without the current user logged in knowing. Or at least only disturb them with a simply authentication dialog to allow me to connect. Rebooting a machine on a unsuspecting user is not going to be received too well.

Yes, AMT does not provide the means for a remote user to directly access the clienthard disk.
When the clientOS is working, I believe most software solutions use a local agent to perform disk access for a remote console.

Do you know if the network connection during IDE-R is encrypted or can be while the image is downloaded to the machine of interest ? or possibly a checksum that tells me the image was transfered with no corruption?

For encrypted traffic you should configure AMT to support TLS connections.
For more information on IDER and TLS please refer the the AMT SDK docs section "SDK Resources > Redirection Library > Secure Session Support"

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