How Write To intel vpro flash memory

How Write To intel vpro flash memory

How to access intel
vpro flash memory through
visual c# from a windows application. How can we write and read from a intel
vpro flash memory. If you
could give the code in c# it will be very helpfull.

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Hi Sainul,
I am assuming that you would like to leverage the non-volatile flash memory using Intel AMT also called as 3PDS (third party data storage). Is that correct?

If what you are looking for is 3PDS, you can find C# samples in the AMT SDK at SDK_Root\Windows\Intel_AMT\Samples\WS-Management. There are two sample one for storage and another for storage administration.

To learn more about storage features, please look in the documentation here. Let us know if this helps and if you have more questions.


Thank you for your reply.
I have another doubt.
How can i prevent others from reading my block of data in flash memory.

There are couple ways to prevent the block of data being managed by your application.
1. When you set the permissions to the block, you can chose to allow other applications to only read or read/write. You can set the filter to only allow applications that belong to your enterprise/vendor to read and or write. Look at the SDK documentation here describing that.
2. If you chose to allow others to read but still want to protect the data blob, you can encrpyt the data when writing. This way even if other apps get to read, the data read will not be very useful. Only your application can decrypt for usable content.

Does this help?


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