Difference between "reset" and "cycle power off and on"

Difference between "reset" and "cycle power off and on"

When testing the functions in the AMT WEB interface --> Remote Control:
o Reset
and o Cycle power off and on

did the same. With both radio buttons the AMT computer is reseted.

1. What is the excact difference between "Reset" and "Cycle power off and on"?

2. Can somebody tell me a link to an Intel "User manual", where those both features are described in detail. And where also the difference between them is described.

Thanks in advance for good answers.

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The "Reset" command performs a warm-reset. The equivalent to the old Ctrl-Alt-Del in DOS. The "power cycle reset" is the same as pressing the power button to turn the machine off, followed by pressing the power button again to turn the machine on. It actually forces the system to transition from a S0 state to a S5 state and back to a S0 state. The "Reset" just transitions from S0 to S0 again. In some cases, the BIOS may require a power off to reload the BIOS if you've updated the BIOS. The PCR can do that, but the simple Reset can't.

The best source of documentation really is the SDK.


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