Intel ME Error 8193

Intel ME Error 8193

My sincere apolgogies if I posted this in the wrong spot but I was hoping to pick your brains on an issue I'm having with a new sandy bridge motherboard. It seems the motherboard I purchased (an MSI P67A-GD65) either has no Intel ME or it is somehow corrupt. I'm unable to check my version from a patch stick nor am I able to flash to a new version (everything gives an error, "Error 8193: Intel ME Interface: cannont locate ME device driver"). In addition, it's not listed in my system devices in hardware manager of my OS. I've been working with MSI support for a few weeks now and they seem to be baffaled. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what could be the cause of this? Is it actually possible to get the motherboard without the Intel ME firmware in place? Any insight would be wonderful. Thanks in advance.

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I am really not sure if this the right forum to support you but wanted to ask few questions. At what stage of the system boot, do you see the error message? Have you tried a CMOS reset and see if it goes away?


I don't see the error unless I try to view the Intel ME version or if I try to flash the ME firmware. What prompted me to even look for it was the fact that it was completely missing in the device manager of my OS. I've had other users check on the same board and it does show up under system devices.

If the other users have the same board and they can see this in the device maanger, it may be possible that the MEfirmware flashed on your board is corrupted. Can you check with MSI to see if they can reflash it or provide a means to do that?

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